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Hat Box - Round - Red

Hat Box - Round - Red

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Product Code: 41-00764
Colour: Red
Size: 19.7 x 14.5cm / 17.2 x 13cm / 14.7 x 11.4cm

  • Set of three hatboxes
  • Choice of gorgeous colours
  • Sizes stack inside each other for easy storage
  • Complete with rigid, waterproof liner
  • Cardboard hat boxes are recyclable
  • Made from FSC Certified cardboard

Three sizes:
Large - Dia: 19.7 x H: 14.5cm
Medium - Dia: 17.2 x H: 13cm
Small - Dia: 14.7 x H: 11.4cm

Typical Uses

Hat Boxes are a stylish and trendy way for your customers to present flowers and gifts. With a huge choice of gorgeous colours to choose from, there is an option for any occasion or season!


Hatbox - Remove liner and dispose of in recycling
Plastic liner - Reusable - durable enough to use again and again to line containers

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