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Flower Box - Red

Flower Box - Red

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Product Code: 41-00948
Colour: Grey
Size: 78 x 23 x 12cm / 76 x 21 x 11cm / 74 x 19 x 10cm

Set of 3 long flower boxes

  • The three sizes measuring:
  • H:10 x L:74 x W:19cm
  • H:11 x L:76 x W:21cm
  • H:12 x L:78 x W:23cm
  • Choice of on trend colours
  • Sizes stack inside each other
  • Recyclable

Typical Uses

Stylish boxes which can be used to display long stems, or line and use with OASIS® Floral Foam. Perfect for Valentine's deliveries that make an impression!

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